28 October, 2007

Small Update

Today is a good day! I´ve come into Ita, the small town close to home, to buy some oranges and check email. I absolutely love getting your emails and messages so keep them coming (if you have the time). Now that I am understanding the training schedule, it is a bit easier to check email and blog on a regular basis. This is nice because I feel like even just a little contact with home helps me stay focused on my job here. Which is currently "mastering" the Guarani language, something that becomes more interesting every day. Last week I made a blunder, calling a man´s wife his food... hmm... Anyways, it is entertaining and I´m feeling less and less like a 5 year old so I guess that is a good sign!
Yesterday, I got to go out and harvest tomatoes with one of the farmers we are working with. We´re going to promote organic pesticides with him so it was really nice to get to see the field first hand. Other little accomplishments this week: I started building the garden at home for my family. I still need to build a fence for it because we just had a litter of piglets and they kind of ruined my tablon, but I´ll probably start planting sometime next week. Also, I made baked soy empanadas with my host mom this past Friday. They were amazing and I really hope I can plant the idea of using soy instead of meat, just because it´s much healthier and cheaper here!
Things to look forward to: Next week we are learning how to make even more soy receipts, straight from the bean itself! And next Saturday we have our tech. excursion where the "Cropies" split into two and visit a current site to help out with an ongoing project. It should be pretty cool and I´m looking forward to it!
I hope you all are doing well and loving life!!!!!!!!!! Best wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To those in Southern California:
I just found out about the new "bout" of fires in Southern California. It was actually on Paraguayan news. I just want to say that my heart goes out to those individuals that are dealing with this all over again, and my Paraguayan family feels the same. Our thoughts are with you!


Debby Guthrie said...

Hello Erin,
I hope this note finds you well. I've been wondering how you've been doing, today is the first day I was able to connecting with your blog. Seems you are doing well and are in a relativly safe environment. I am sure the homesickness is the most difficult thing to overcome. You are a brave soul Erin, Roy and I think of you often. Stay healthy, body and soul, and I look forward to reading your updates.

All my best to you,
Love and peace,
Debby (Kristin's Aunt)

Mike said...

Fires schmires... I'm stoked as we got a week off school!

Anonymous said...

Ok I miss you SO much but I am SOOOOO happy to kno you are doing well... seriously... I might worry about you a little too much, I was so scared you would hate it... but it sounds like fun (albiet challenging) work!