24 October, 2007


So, we are doing these poems in training and I thought it was pretty cool. If you´d like to take the time to fill it out in a response that would be great, I´d love to read them!! I´ll make sure to post mine as soon as it is perfected! It may be harder than you think!


3 adjectives that describe you
Son/Daughter of
Brother/Sister of
Friend of/to
Who likes
Who needs
Who sees
Who listens
Who loves
Who fears
Who shares
Who dreams
Who wants


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Stephanie said...


Energetic, Excited, Motivated
Daughter of Roxann
Sister of Ashlie
Friend of Aimee Lou
Who likes to read and learn new things
Who needs to be loved and to help others.
Who sees a future for her students
Who listens to music that warms her heart and makes her happy
Who loves her girlfriend, friends, and her family
Who fears the future, both hers and the people around her
Who shares her passion
Who dreams of a happier and healthier world
Who wants to be happy